Revolv unifies your smart home on your smartphone and tablet. The Revolv Smart Home Solution is a smart phone app and hub that easily connects and unifies brand named wireless home electronics being developed for the next generation connected home.

Revolv acquired by Nest in October 2014

Revolv highlighted in WSJ: "Revolv Raises $4M for ‘Universal Remote’ to Control Smart Homes"

Revolv graduates from top accelerator, Techstars Boulder

Bookalokal is a social dining platform that connects hosts and guests through food events around the world. Its events include dinners, brunches, food tours, ice cream tastings, cooking classes and all kinds of creative food events.


RenterResume is the for landlords and renters. While other companies narrow the apartment search for renters, RenterResume is reshaping apartment hunting by leveraging known personal information of renters & landlords.

RenterResume Selected as One of Ten PITCH Finalist for Women 2.0


Gridskippr created a way to connect advertisers to our experiences by studying our mobile device activity, making precise targeted advertising possible. We're attached by the hip to mobile devices, which record and share our daily adventures. Gridskippr created a way to connect advertisers to our experiences by studying our mobile device activity, making precise targeted advertising possible.

Gridskippr acquired by location technology startup SocialRadar in November 2014

Simply Grid

Simply Grid provides a solution for the on demand supply of electricity. Our proprietary technology enables access to on-site, self-service electricity via industry standard charging stations and in-wall outlets to customers who initiate service with their mobile phones.

Manhattan real estate firm puts seven-figure investment into Simply Grid parent company MOVE Systems

Simply Grid featured on TechCrunch

Simply Grid highlighted on Tech Cocktail

TrustLeaf Slide 2.jpg


TrustLeaf helps small business owners raise money from friends and family through personal loans. Our online platform allows the borrower to create an intuitive campaign page and decide the terms of their desired loans. Friends and family of the borrower then receive invitations to the campaign to give whatever they feel comfortable with. Electronic contracts ensure safe payment, and the loans are legally protected. TrustLeaf is based in Sunnyvale, CA, and has been continually growing since March of 2014.

TrustLeaf covered in Entrepreneur Magazine



CLOUT is a revolutionary payment company that connects consumers, merchants, and banks to make payments and communications among these groups more efficient, relevant, profitable, and rewarding for all parties involved.

CLOUT Named 2013 Mobile Excellence Award Finalist
in "Best Mobile Payment" Category

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